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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Is this the most expensive card ever???

UPDATED :)) (They just keep coming).

Being a fan of Bev Rochester's work, I often keep an eye on the bidding of some of the cards she sells on Ebay.  They all start at £4 and while I was contemplating investing perhaps a tenner tops to grab one to see how she made it, I quickly realised that was never going to happen, since interest in her cards is really quite huge.

However, last week's card must surely have broken a record somewhere - the card was certainly a beauty, but nothing overly different to many before it which had mostly hit just under the £30 mark, which I found quite amazing, but I watched with something akin to shock as the bidding on this particular card just kept going - 4 bidders in a war one was going to be much poorer at the end of!!

Here's the card first:

Now - be honest - cardmaker or not, how much would you expect to pay for it??  You can see it does have a fair bit of work and embellishments on it but, at best, I'd suggest the cost of the latter at least wouldn't come in much over £3 all in, and so anything over that is for work.  But you'd surely say there'd be a sensible limit on how much you'd willingly outlay to buy it, even if you were utterly obsessed with her work possibly??   Whad'ya reckon - £35, £40 perhaps, or would you be willing to go higher again??   I'll let you go and visit Ebay to see for yourself just how much it finally fetched for the timeframe that it will be up on their site, after which I'll edit this post to just put in the amount, but it really does have to be seen to be believed.  And incredibly many of her others are commanding relatively similar sums too.   I can only trust whoever gets them feels they truly are worth the inordinate amount they've invested in them - personally no matter how much money I ever might have I'd never feel comfortable justifying putting that much into what is essentially a very well made card but a card no less.   

But well done Bev - you really know you've arrived in the world of card making when your work commands such income as this :)

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