Mamie Rae

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Arch Sympathy card

Apologies for so few cards going up on this blog of late but I wasn’t very well through the past couple of months for various reasons, and on top of that really struggled to get back into the mood for making general cards after such a hectic few months prior to Christmas feverishly pushing out cards to fulfil demand.

But I’m back with this card – one of a number of Sympathy cards I got stuck into making for my mum-in-law.  I was just grateful to have a reason to make cards as it was proving really hard to get bothered to make anything at the time, so knowing she wanted these helped get me kick started.  This card's rather simpler than my more extravagant easel style from last year but a lot more my usual style.

The card itself is a tri-fold arch style with a beautiful decoupaged floral image on one section with a cut out window at the front which you could cover with acetate if desired, but this way allows the decoupage to poke through which I think adds to the overall effect.    It makes for a very unusual and unique sympathy card that I think would encourage anyone getting it.

Hopefully from here on, I can upload more designs over the coming weeks, but with my health issues so variable, I'll just have to play it by ear.