Mamie Rae

Friday, 22 April 2011

Range of cards for Easter

Once again, late getting this post up but life is madly hectic for me just now and card orders have taken off which increases time constraints no end.   In the middle of everything I had to get some Easter cards done for those friends who regularly send me one each year – to my shame it’s not something I’ve ever routinely done but every year keep trying to put as much effort into Easter as I do for Christmas, but it’s not easy.   However, I was pleased this year to get a few of the new specials done so here they are for your enjoyment – I’ve not put up pics of all the parts only because there’s 3 cards so didn’t want a hugely lengthy post.  All flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts.

First one is a repeat of my Mother’s Day one with the addition of some ribbon & the cross charm, and of course an Easter greeting for the stop. 

Next is a lovely lilac design featuring a Victorian style Easter Cross again presented at a diagonal as this allows for the flowers to look their best.  Flowers on this one are 30 mm Lilac rose, then 20 mm & 10 mm lilac, pink, & white roses, plus green punchie leaves.  Finished off with purple adhesive corner gems and another cross charm fixed with a brad & ribbon.  The stop is a printed label courtesy of one of the multitude of free scrap blogs – can’t remember which one now but if you get stuck and can’t find it email me & I’ll do what I can to help.

Finally my favourite of the lot although not what I consider a true Easter card as I prefer mine to be obviously religious for the occasion, but this covers the beauty of creation life as God provides it in all its glory in His Creation.   You just can’t beat a beautiful rose for taking your breath away on that score.  This image again is another Thomas Kinkaid one and is set off wonderfully on the K&Co Daffodil range yellow papers (these are now out of print sadly).  I used my nice new Martha Stewart punch for the brown strips and a piece of the beautiful Guipure lace (courtesy of WOC) on the front.  

Flowers are 25 mm yellow & brown, & 15 mm & 10 mm yellow, with white rosebuds along with the usual dark green leaf punchies (best punch I ever invested in!!)  Finished off with a lovely bright yellow stop (thanks to Gladys on Ebay for providing them) which I printed a message onto, yellow adhesive gems, & a cross charm (got this cross from the local Poundstretcher in a set of 6 for £1!).  Understandably this has been another very popular card.

If you're interested in buying any of these, the first place to keep an eye out for them is in my Ebay shop (click on the banner top right of the page).  If you can't find any there or they're not what you're after, then please email me & I can let you know what I have available.

So now I'm off to celebrate the most important event in our Christian calendar - the one around which our entire religion is based on and which provides us with the greatest joy & hope in our own lives & to know that we too will be resurrected as He was.  If you're interested in reading more of my views on my faith you can head to my other blog - Ever Looking Upwards.


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Is this the most expensive card ever???

UPDATED :)) (They just keep coming).

Being a fan of Bev Rochester's work, I often keep an eye on the bidding of some of the cards she sells on Ebay.  They all start at £4 and while I was contemplating investing perhaps a tenner tops to grab one to see how she made it, I quickly realised that was never going to happen, since interest in her cards is really quite huge.

However, last week's card must surely have broken a record somewhere - the card was certainly a beauty, but nothing overly different to many before it which had mostly hit just under the £30 mark, which I found quite amazing, but I watched with something akin to shock as the bidding on this particular card just kept going - 4 bidders in a war one was going to be much poorer at the end of!!

Here's the card first:

Now - be honest - cardmaker or not, how much would you expect to pay for it??  You can see it does have a fair bit of work and embellishments on it but, at best, I'd suggest the cost of the latter at least wouldn't come in much over £3 all in, and so anything over that is for work.  But you'd surely say there'd be a sensible limit on how much you'd willingly outlay to buy it, even if you were utterly obsessed with her work possibly??   Whad'ya reckon - £35, £40 perhaps, or would you be willing to go higher again??   I'll let you go and visit Ebay to see for yourself just how much it finally fetched for the timeframe that it will be up on their site, after which I'll edit this post to just put in the amount, but it really does have to be seen to be believed.  And incredibly many of her others are commanding relatively similar sums too.   I can only trust whoever gets them feels they truly are worth the inordinate amount they've invested in them - personally no matter how much money I ever might have I'd never feel comfortable justifying putting that much into what is essentially a very well made card but a card no less.   

But well done Bev - you really know you've arrived in the world of card making when your work commands such income as this :)

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Website still in progress...

It's taking me a lot longer to get my website ( rebuilt mostly because there’s now a fault somewhere in the database which is taking me a long time to work through – rather than being able to just import the saved info, I have to manually pull in key by key and keep testing to see where the fault actually is.  If that was my only task in a day I’d have it sorted quickly, but I’ve 2 other sites to manage plus family commitments and cards to make not to mention multiple other personal commitments through each day that just all take time.

I get to 11 or 12 at night and just feel the day’s disappeared with very little achieved, but I am getting to where I want to be – much slower than I’d like, but at least now I have a site basis and it shouldn’t take me too long to rebuild things.

Apologies to all of you who’ve maybe wanted to view cards on the site or are visiting to buy etc – please bear with me, and in the meantime, should you have any particular types of card you’d like to know about or buy etc, just email me – I can send you a zip of all of the current available cards etc, or provide you with a catalogue to help you choose.

Thanks so much for your patience in the meantime.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

My tribute to my Mum :)

Sorry this blog is so slow going just now - I probably should have waited and done as some others do in producing a dozen cards and then put them up on a schedule to allow them time to do everything else while still keeping the blog fresh, but me - no, I have to rush to get it up and running to then drop it at the first hurdle.
And hurdles there have been - life's been tough of sorts the past week or two as my health issues have made their presence more known than usual, alongside my grand-daughter being ill in hospital for a week, and my mum needing me to help her sort out her stuff post the big move.  And then there's still the endless work to do with my other card site which is going to take a lot longer than the 2-3 weeks I'd initially planned for it.   All the fixes I'd hoped to use to make it happen sooner just haven't come together so I still have a lot of work yet left to do to get it functional again.

Anyways - this is the card I produced for my wonderful Mum - she'd seen a couple of the other ones I'd made when over with me recently but this is slightly different being a Kinkaid scene (thanks to Joanna Sheen's wonderful contract with him granting us the ability to use his work in such a way as this). 

 A little different to the others in this new style range but equally effective and I know she'll really like it as she loves scenic views and the roses as always just complement it so much.

Talking of which, here's a closeup of the main rose on the front which has been glittered as well to just lift it a little further and is very effective.  I've added in some buds as well to provide a bit more reality to the mix.
I created a complementary stop on the base with some more flowers for enhancement, and a tag onto which I printed my message for her finished off with some fancy fibres.

Finally, I created a nice complementary box for it - forgot to take a photo of it all boxed up with the interior etc, but it's pretty much the same as previous cards I've shown here, so not much point. 

Hope you like it too :)