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Friday, 22 April 2011

Range of cards for Easter

Once again, late getting this post up but life is madly hectic for me just now and card orders have taken off which increases time constraints no end.   In the middle of everything I had to get some Easter cards done for those friends who regularly send me one each year – to my shame it’s not something I’ve ever routinely done but every year keep trying to put as much effort into Easter as I do for Christmas, but it’s not easy.   However, I was pleased this year to get a few of the new specials done so here they are for your enjoyment – I’ve not put up pics of all the parts only because there’s 3 cards so didn’t want a hugely lengthy post.  All flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts.

First one is a repeat of my Mother’s Day one with the addition of some ribbon & the cross charm, and of course an Easter greeting for the stop. 

Next is a lovely lilac design featuring a Victorian style Easter Cross again presented at a diagonal as this allows for the flowers to look their best.  Flowers on this one are 30 mm Lilac rose, then 20 mm & 10 mm lilac, pink, & white roses, plus green punchie leaves.  Finished off with purple adhesive corner gems and another cross charm fixed with a brad & ribbon.  The stop is a printed label courtesy of one of the multitude of free scrap blogs – can’t remember which one now but if you get stuck and can’t find it email me & I’ll do what I can to help.

Finally my favourite of the lot although not what I consider a true Easter card as I prefer mine to be obviously religious for the occasion, but this covers the beauty of creation life as God provides it in all its glory in His Creation.   You just can’t beat a beautiful rose for taking your breath away on that score.  This image again is another Thomas Kinkaid one and is set off wonderfully on the K&Co Daffodil range yellow papers (these are now out of print sadly).  I used my nice new Martha Stewart punch for the brown strips and a piece of the beautiful Guipure lace (courtesy of WOC) on the front.  

Flowers are 25 mm yellow & brown, & 15 mm & 10 mm yellow, with white rosebuds along with the usual dark green leaf punchies (best punch I ever invested in!!)  Finished off with a lovely bright yellow stop (thanks to Gladys on Ebay for providing them) which I printed a message onto, yellow adhesive gems, & a cross charm (got this cross from the local Poundstretcher in a set of 6 for £1!).  Understandably this has been another very popular card.

If you're interested in buying any of these, the first place to keep an eye out for them is in my Ebay shop (click on the banner top right of the page).  If you can't find any there or they're not what you're after, then please email me & I can let you know what I have available.

So now I'm off to celebrate the most important event in our Christian calendar - the one around which our entire religion is based on and which provides us with the greatest joy & hope in our own lives & to know that we too will be resurrected as He was.  If you're interested in reading more of my views on my faith you can head to my other blog - Ever Looking Upwards.


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