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Sunday, 3 April 2011

My tribute to my Mum :)

Sorry this blog is so slow going just now - I probably should have waited and done as some others do in producing a dozen cards and then put them up on a schedule to allow them time to do everything else while still keeping the blog fresh, but me - no, I have to rush to get it up and running to then drop it at the first hurdle.
And hurdles there have been - life's been tough of sorts the past week or two as my health issues have made their presence more known than usual, alongside my grand-daughter being ill in hospital for a week, and my mum needing me to help her sort out her stuff post the big move.  And then there's still the endless work to do with my other card site which is going to take a lot longer than the 2-3 weeks I'd initially planned for it.   All the fixes I'd hoped to use to make it happen sooner just haven't come together so I still have a lot of work yet left to do to get it functional again.

Anyways - this is the card I produced for my wonderful Mum - she'd seen a couple of the other ones I'd made when over with me recently but this is slightly different being a Kinkaid scene (thanks to Joanna Sheen's wonderful contract with him granting us the ability to use his work in such a way as this). 

 A little different to the others in this new style range but equally effective and I know she'll really like it as she loves scenic views and the roses as always just complement it so much.

Talking of which, here's a closeup of the main rose on the front which has been glittered as well to just lift it a little further and is very effective.  I've added in some buds as well to provide a bit more reality to the mix.
I created a complementary stop on the base with some more flowers for enhancement, and a tag onto which I printed my message for her finished off with some fancy fibres.

Finally, I created a nice complementary box for it - forgot to take a photo of it all boxed up with the interior etc, but it's pretty much the same as previous cards I've shown here, so not much point. 

Hope you like it too :) 

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