Mamie Rae

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas – Oops :)

Ahh – well, it’s just getting to be my usual these days – 3 miles behind myself so once again didn’t get any posts up prior to the big event.  I was SOOOO far behind this year with C. cards after last year’s wedding – I lost 2 months out of my cardmaking schedule which I never really managed to recover so started this season with much less than usual.  Then I had the same problem I have every year – starting in July it’s just so hard to make C. cards with the sun splitting the sky.  I refuse to start playing the music any earlier than October although that may change but I do need some sort of help to get a shade more inspiration much earlier in the season.  Invariably iI only really ever get going by mid October with just 2 weeks to go before I stop making, and start finalising (inserts/envelopes etc).  So there you go – what can I say.

These 2 cards are just a couple of my nicer ones from this year as I found myself doing a LOT of repeats from last year for speed.

The first was one of my quick cards made using diecuts which I loved.  I used an A6 landscape/portrait card if that makes sense (fold at the top rather than the side :).  Another slightly smaller piece of single card was then cut and I printed on my various scripture texts.  I then diecut a circle out of the top end to make a frame.   On a small piece of scrap card (just enough to fit behind the circle) I coloured a background using dewdrop chalk inks to provide a little backdrop to the diecuts.  This card has 2 shepherds with their lambs where others had a few more or a different setting.  But they made a great quick and easy card to make.

Added on some stars and a nice glitter border peel off and that was it.

Then the 2nd card was another very quick and easy one as I got an unexpected order for solely Christian cards at the end of October and was in a flap as to how to produce more (most of the rest were already allocated) plus I wanted something that would really stand out too.

So this was the solution.  Another A6 card – this one a landscape one.   Corners were punched and a piece of mirri paper (I used all the colours to make my set – this one is purple) was die cut with a Spellbinders A2 border die before having it’s corners punched also.  An S/B small silver floral frame was put in the middle and a scripture text cut to size to put into it.  A couple of snowflakes and a peel off greeting to complete.