Mamie Rae

Monday, 3 December 2012

Finishing Christmas off for 2012

Despite the post title I’ll actually be working on Christmas cards right through until at least mid February if not later in a (vain) attempt to get well ahead for this year’s crop as it really does take me almost 6 months to produce what my family/friends request of me every year plus enough for myself & some to hold over to the following year (somewhere in the region of 600 odd)!!   Not many if you’re young , fit & healthy – sadly I’m none of those – not one L!  SO I have to spend longer than most to get making as many as required.

But every year I continue to be captivated by the current crop of new designs to play with, and am forever amazed at how there’s always some new concept or twist on the previous year’s crop.   And this year was no different.  Last year I spent far too long working on my newly adored “Specials” – the easels with flowers, and got rather far behind with “ordinary” cards, so this year I turned things around and barely made any special style cards other than some really quick & easy ones that didn’t take anywhere near so long to produce.   Having given up on stamping (not by choice), it was much easier to produce easel cards using pyramage or decoupaged toppers and easier again were the diecut texts with a bow (below). 

I also invested again in CUP designs as there were some truly wonderful ones going cheap (when the site offered a 20% discount), and also started reusing the Squeezee designs but in a different way having had feedback that some weren’t overly struck on them as they were meant to be made.  So rather than making them freestanding, I decoupaged them up in layers which worked really well and again, produced quick and easy cards that went down a ton better.

Finally I made the usual batch of Dufex cards as these are a constant useful type being completely flat so highly popular given our hugely inflated postage costs, and with some of my family being pensioners, these are the ones they want most of.

SO here are a few of the designs for you to enjoy – I’d have put up more if I could find an easier method to do so, & where I would once have sent you to my website gallery to view them, I’m having to consider dumping the website because nobody buys from it anyway, & it’s costing me more than I can afford to maintain, so once the domain name runs out that’ll be the end of it.

To save me time, I've not put up any details on these, but if one should take your fancy & you'd like more info on it for any reason, please do just fire me a note - I'll be more than happy to provide it to you :).

In the meantime, blessings for the rest of this wonderful season, & trust you have a wonderful Saviour's Day and beyond.