Mamie Rae

Monday, 3 December 2012

Finishing Christmas off for 2012

Despite the post title I’ll actually be working on Christmas cards right through until at least mid February if not later in a (vain) attempt to get well ahead for this year’s crop as it really does take me almost 6 months to produce what my family/friends request of me every year plus enough for myself & some to hold over to the following year (somewhere in the region of 600 odd)!!   Not many if you’re young , fit & healthy – sadly I’m none of those – not one L!  SO I have to spend longer than most to get making as many as required.

But every year I continue to be captivated by the current crop of new designs to play with, and am forever amazed at how there’s always some new concept or twist on the previous year’s crop.   And this year was no different.  Last year I spent far too long working on my newly adored “Specials” – the easels with flowers, and got rather far behind with “ordinary” cards, so this year I turned things around and barely made any special style cards other than some really quick & easy ones that didn’t take anywhere near so long to produce.   Having given up on stamping (not by choice), it was much easier to produce easel cards using pyramage or decoupaged toppers and easier again were the diecut texts with a bow (below). 

I also invested again in CUP designs as there were some truly wonderful ones going cheap (when the site offered a 20% discount), and also started reusing the Squeezee designs but in a different way having had feedback that some weren’t overly struck on them as they were meant to be made.  So rather than making them freestanding, I decoupaged them up in layers which worked really well and again, produced quick and easy cards that went down a ton better.

Finally I made the usual batch of Dufex cards as these are a constant useful type being completely flat so highly popular given our hugely inflated postage costs, and with some of my family being pensioners, these are the ones they want most of.

SO here are a few of the designs for you to enjoy – I’d have put up more if I could find an easier method to do so, & where I would once have sent you to my website gallery to view them, I’m having to consider dumping the website because nobody buys from it anyway, & it’s costing me more than I can afford to maintain, so once the domain name runs out that’ll be the end of it.

To save me time, I've not put up any details on these, but if one should take your fancy & you'd like more info on it for any reason, please do just fire me a note - I'll be more than happy to provide it to you :).

In the meantime, blessings for the rest of this wonderful season, & trust you have a wonderful Saviour's Day and beyond.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Wild Orchids Challenge - Silver & Gold

Wow!  Yet another Wild Orchid Crafts challenge I can actually make a card for – sometimes the theme doesn’t suit my style but this one is perfect again, & provides another enjoyable opportunity to showcase another one of my current batch of Christmas Cards.

This card once again features the awesome art of Thomas Kinkade (courtesy of Joanna Sheen), which I’ve pyramaged up to add some height before adding in some glitter lights .   You can’t see it so easily but the image has been matted onto black & then silver mirri card before being placed onto the silver shading  paper background (courtesy of Craft Creations) – ignore the fact it looks blue in the photo – between my camera & low light levels in the room I’m using, few of my photos are coming out in their true colours currently.  I've also then used some pale blue ribbon &  guipure lace (own stock) to add a bit of relief under the image and repeated that on the base of the card too.

I’ve used 3 different roses from WOC to adorn the base of the image, along with some white rosebuds & leaves, & gold sprays, and then put another couple of blue roses either side of the sentiment “stop” on the base.   The sentiment is a foiled one which came with some diecut decoupage I think.  
Rather than the usual tag on the inside, this time I opted to create a little gatefold greeting plate & used a little peel-off tree to hold it together as the tack is light enough to allow it to be opened without removing any paper.

I popped a single blue bow on above the image, and used a blue brad to add on a nice little silver tree charm under it.  Finally used silver/gold glitter border peeloffs to edge the card which again provides another bit of glitz.

Thanks for swinging by to view.

Friday, 12 October 2012

"Anything Goes" WOC Challenge October

Another wonderful Wild Orchid Challenge to enter – don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t have these to aim for and give me the push to get some of my creations up on my blog, as I just never seem to have much time these days to look sideways, so rarely get round to writing blog articles.

Anyway – this challenge is another great easy “Anything Goes” and for me, that’s the best as it allows me to put up something within my own style rather than trying to fit into a category for the sake of it.

The card this time is fairly simple and basic but I feel hits the spot where Christmas is concerned with its wonderful Christmas colours.   I’ve used a Nestabilities Labels 18 die to cut out a frame in some red scrolls paper (Craft Creations) and then edged around the frame with gold pen.
Before affixing the flowers I stuck this onto a square piece of heavyweight cardboard which had a rectangle cut out to match the frame if that makes sense – this was just to provide a bit more depth than I’d have had just sticking it straight onto the base card.   

 Only once that was all put together & attached to the base card did I start working on the floral spray using just two simple colours of WOC flowers – red & “gold” which I also embellished with gold glitter glue to highlight them even more.   I also added some gold Fleur-de-Lis punched corners to provide yet more “glitz”.  A gold edged red double bow & some gold sprays finished the whole thing off. (Apologies for the poor colour - the leaves are truly green & not blue as they appear here - not sure what went wrong wtih that shot :( ).

As usual the inside is decorated to match the front.

I’ve done a couple of others in a similar vein but using gold/brown instead which have also turned out quite well, but for me, you can’t beat red/gold at this wonderful time of year!!

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Layer it Up - WOC challenge card

Don’t know where I’d be on this blog if it weren’t for wonderful Wild Orchid Crafts challenges to get me motivated to make cards for it :).   I’ve let both cards & blog slide of late as my wonderful mum of 85 died 3 wks ago from pneumonia  coupled with  her longstanding COPD.  While we always knew she was sliding towards this point for a while now, she’d been in superb health right up until 2 wks prior to her death, which was a good thing but gave us no hint of what was to unfold.  So it’s been somewhat of a shock to lose her so unexpectedly but a blessing she’s finally out of the torture of that disease (result of a 30-year smoking history ) and at peace in heaven.

SO, anyways, the challenge this time is “Layer it up” using 3 or more layers – I’m not 100% sure of exactly what constitutes a layer as such (brains not working the best just now), but *think* I have 5 or so.   I’ve unfortunately cropped the image a bit short around the edges to see but the base layer is gold paper on top of the white base card which shows as a border all round (if that makes sense).  Next layer is then the red/gold filigree paper.  After that comes gold card onto which is matted the green multi paper, with the lace at the bottom of it.  And  finally there’s the red layer which the image is matted onto.  
 The image is one of the wonderful LOTV Christmas stamps – “Christmas Snooze” which has become one of my all-time favourites.   Coloured as always with Copics.   Finally finished the card off with some wonderful red, green & white roses from WOC and some gold “sprays” from my stash, a lovely red/gold bow, & a circle sentiment with some glitter dots and snowflakes.  For a change I made it as a landscape fold card rather than an easel.
The inside is decorated to complement the front & the sentiment block has a suitable Christmas scripture.  

This is one of my favourite cards for one of my favourite challenges so a great way to get me motivated once again to tackle the Christmas card orders piling up – time always escapes me at this point of the year – seems like no matter how early I start I never have enough time to get all the C. cards I need made.  SO back to grindstone once again :).