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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Black Kat revealed :)

A total change for me with this post as I unveil one of my most enjoyable projects - an Origami Black Cat (originally called Halloween cat).  Those who know me, know well my love affair with black cats - ironically there was a time when I said I never wanted another black cat after having had 3 and yet somehow always seeming to manage to gain yet another one.  However, Tikvah changed everything and now I can't quite get enough of them. 

So, when I saw this challenge of Anything Goes (except stamps) on the UnstampaBelles site, & finally sourced this origami pattern (I'd made a similar one in my 20s & never forgot it), I figured it was time to recreate it.  

It's quite a complex design for a novice at Origami as I still am, but do-able and so enjoyable when you see it all coming together.  It obviously involves not just folding but some judicious cutting too and you have to really follow the instructions very VERY carefully or things can go pearshaped really fast and you can get to a point of no return, but I thankfully found it relatively easy again to get it done, albeit with some pieces like the feet which just would not behave themselves.
I'm going to be making another one again shortly while I can still manage to do so.  But I’m still finishing off (or trying to) the last of my C. cards for this season which is proving the most difficult task, as I’ve just really lost my zest for producing them at the moment, as ever, eager to switch to something new again.
And apologies for such intermittent blog posts – I’ve a lot going on between my health & my mum’s continuing decline, I really find I don’t have a lot of time for taking the pics & getting the posts put together that often, but will do my best to keep on top of it a bit better and keep the blog alive :) 


aka Black Kat :)


  1. Hi Romayne, so nice to see a piece of Origami entered into our Unstampabelles - Anything Goes challenge. This is so neat and wonderfully shaped cat.

  2. Fabby cat Romayne. He looks quite spooky! Thanks for joining us at Unstampabelles.

  3. Meow! ;) So cool. Thanks for playing with us at UnstampaBelles.