Mamie Rae

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter Joy :)

Easter is the primary celebration if it can be called that, of the Christian calendar – far more significant than Christmas could ever be, yet I find I neither manage to produce nor send anywhere near the same volume of cards for this occasion as the latter sadly.  But without everything Jesus accomplished that first Easter, mankind would have NO redemption or salvation, or escape from God’s sure & certain judgement in the age to come.  Sin is so obviously inherent within every single person from birth we cannot escape its grasp.  God is perfect & just & thus cannot abide sin, demanding a payment be made for it, and a blood sacrifice is the only thing that makes us remotely stop in our tracks to appreciate the enormity of the crime we commit against God in our sinful nature.  Jesus came as our perfect sinless spotless lamb to be provided as God’s own sacrifice (just as He provided for Abraham), and thus only through Jesus can we ever be reconciled to God.  And thus we commemorate His awesome sacrifice & work on the Cross for this purpose, every Easter. 

If you’re interested in knowing more about what the point & purpose of that sacrifice was, then head over to my other blog Ever Looking Upwards and read more there.

This card is one of a few I did manage to create this week for Easter.  It’s a very simple basic card without too many frills although I’ve gotten utterly obsessed with diecuts & ribbon of late, so am churning out lots of similar designs to this for other occasions.

The background is a lovely grey baroque or damask style purchased locally in a mixed pack – a whole wonderful 24 sheets all different – soooo hard to choose and use anything as I just love looking at them all!! 

I used grey ribbon in a cross pattern and then matted the paper onto a gold mirri paper panel.   Then I diecut the quote and matted it onto gold mirri paper too.  Finally added the grey bow and some silver pearl adhesive gems.

As I was pushed for time I just used an ordinary insert with a nice verse as opposed to matching the inside to the outside as I’ve done with some other cards.

I’m entering this into 2 challenges:

Easter Blessings to you all!!