Mamie Rae

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Spring Cards

Been a good while since my last post as, as ever, I’ve not been well again & battling all sorts of issues.  BUT I still try and push out at least 1 card daily or every other day for distraction therapy, so finally getting a moment to show a couple up here.

These are ones I made for my mum-in-law and in truth, I was grateful to have a reason to push myself to make some as I was just in such a low spot physically it was really hard to make the effort to be bothered to do anything :(.

The first one is a nice Thinking Of You card in her favourite colour – green and with an image from her favourite painter - Thomas Kinkade.  Papers are K & Co and the flowers as always are from Wild Orchid Crafts.  Greenery are MS punchies – I’ve never been able to afford or even find sometimes, the particular Branch punch that makes them, so instead I buy them ready punched from a wonderful girl in the US.

Then the 2nd one is a total change using a wonderful kit from Crafts You Print.  Can’t remember the exact kit details offhand, but if you’re interested in it, just email me & I’ll have a closer hunt for them.  It’s a lovely see through easel with floating butterflies, & I did it in both A4 & A5 sizes.  The larger one is going to be for my prayer partner’s birthday later in the year.  The kit comprises 3 sections which you just glue together to give it stability, and I used some additional heavyweight card too to ensure it would hold. 

I think it's a truly beautiful card but while the designer has other designs available, none were quite as pretty as this particular one.