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Monday, 21 March 2011

Blue butterfly girl...

Amazingly in between fighting with 3 websites all needing tons of work and helping my folks shift home, I managed to work through another of these awesome cards.   Without a doubt they're the nicest ones I've made to date and are worth every minute of the up to 3 hours I end up spending on making them - I know they shouldn't take that long but I'm a perfectionist and so keep on working on trying to improve them and spend ages upon ages just playing about with the colours and flowers etc to try and get the best look.

And I've made a nice little box to go with it too which is a necessity as no way are these cards ever going to fit into an envelope :).  This time I've used K & Co papers coupled with baby blue binding ribbon and Guipure lace as well as flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts,   In the absence of blue flowers I opted for a deep lilac type that almost look blue and worked quite well.   The yellow rose just lifts the overall colour.  The white pearl buds are from my own stash.  Finished off the front with a few more butterflies and some white adhesive pearls.

I covered the base with another complementary paper – to be honest, I’ve no idea where I got this one from but have it in my digital collection so quite likely off a CD somewhere.   I cut a blue oval from navy card to complement the navy scallop and stuck a white oval onto it framing it with a gold peeloff, on which I then put a foiled greeting and another little butterfly to finish that off. 

And finally (well, before I made the box at any rate) I made a tag and put it into a little cover on the back which really looks the part.

The box was easy to make using a scoring tablet with 1 inch depth and covered with a digital paper.  Haven’t got details to hand but could get them for you if you’re interested in getting it.

All in all, a truly beautiful card IMHO but then I’m biased LOL.   This one will also be available in my Ebay Shop – but only 1 available so don’t wait too long if you want it.

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