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Monday, 14 March 2011

Hacker problems...

Going to have to take a week or more away from my cardmaking to put a ton of efforts into sorting out the mess a nasty hacker has caused in hacking 2 of the 3 sites I manage - thankfully he chose to entirely delete my own card site ( rather than either of the other more important ones but nonetheless it will take me hours now to rebuild my own site up once again as while I've got backups of the data I don't have any of the entire file structure or all the changes I'd made to template structure and modules etc some of which I actually wouldn't even know how to replicate, so am pretty much going to probably have to create an entirely new site or rather 2 new sites as I also have my Feline Diabetes site inside my own as a subfolder and again files on there that I can't even think where to start with recreating.   What's worrying me more is that I had some personal files on there too precisely because I presumed it was a safe place to store them as a backup and can't even remember what ones they were now :(.   Not good.

Truly do not know what possesses these hackers - one thing to hack a site for a statement but another to just maliciously delete everything for the fun of it!!   The more annoying thing was that he left his "signature page" which has this message stating that he's only hacked the site to reveal security issues and hasn't deleted anything yet in this case that's exactly what he has done.

So you know why there won't be too many more new cards going up here for the next week or two - apologies but I'll try and get normal service resumed as fast as I can.

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