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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

1st card of the new range

Finally got this card finished & photographed.   Been a long time in the making in every sense – first saw this style about 3 weeks ago, and was utterly captivated, then had to look at my stock and see what I could put together to make anything remotely similar to what I’d seen.    Then had to go and invest in yet more stock (flowers & punch) so that blew my NY Resolution of not spending other than on necessity stock right out of the water!!
Just in case you're unsure, it is another easel style card  - didn't take any side views of it. I used beautiful papers from Cutting Edge Crafts, the punch is MS Scroll Lace which I amazingly got cheap on Ebay (£5 as opposed to the more usual £10+).  Scallop & circle courtesy of my friend Cindy, flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts (as they seem to be the only stockists around who deal with so many types in so many sizes),  branch punchies, & adhesive gems from Ebay.  I made the sentiment tag  using another diecut from Cindy’s stash & just cut an inner oval from another of the papers, finishing off with a peeloff border & foil sentiment.   Made the tag cover in similar fashion and just popped a blank white handmade tag & ribbon into it – depending on the final destination of the card, I might create a new tag for it, or print a greeting on it.
Oh and of course – the most important element – the decoupage is a Morehead babe – decoupaged up to 3 layers so reasonable height but given the height of the rose, it’s not even coming close.  

Overall, I’m hugely pleased with this card and hope to at least repeat this one a few times so if you’re interested in getting one let me know quick as I’ll probably only have stock to make 3-4 and won’t be repeating it after that.  But this one is now available on Ebay .  However, as the title says – it’s the 1st one of the range, so watch out for similar ones shortly.   Got 2 other more important family orders to supply which will keep me busy for the next week or two – hand arthritis doesn’t allow for speedy card making any longer.   Proving hugely painful to make any at all, but keeps my mind off my pain to some degree at least.


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