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Saturday, 26 February 2011

All new designs

Yet another fresh venture for me, starting yet another blog - this one aimed at those who enjoy my cards. I've only just packed away my Christmas stock so now getting into General card designs and discovering a wealth of new ideas and concepts to try.

Thanks to my friend Cindy who encouraged me to try easel cards I've now formed yet another obsession - oh the joys! I'd long determined I wasn't going to look at this style of card as initially it hadn't appealed but having got utterly captivated by Bev Rochester's work, I'm sunk. I'd also determined I wasn't going to spend anything on my cards this year other than primary stock (card, glue etc) but already have fallen endlessly on trying to keep to that LOL!

So I'm toiling away trying to get both stock and ideas etc for some more easel cards, my first venture is a combination of both my main style which is decoupage & the new concept so hope you enjoy it.

This comes courtesy of Cardmaking Downloads - well, figured it was easier to start off using someone else's design initially, but don't worry, I've got my own designs in the mix & will be able to put them up shortly.

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