Mamie Rae

Monday, 15 August 2011

Black & white birthday box

Finally getting around to updating this blog – you’d never think I wasn’t working would you given how little time I seem to ever have for the purpose of updating this part of my life online :(

Today’s card is one of the last of my general cards for this year and is another easel card but this time with the addition of a box underneath.   This particular card is for my prayer partner Norma’s birthday tomorrow and she’s already got it and loves it, so is quite happy for it to be unveiled online for all to enjoy.

I used papers from a wonderful set one of my daughters  got me (thanks Caro) a while ago.   Norma loves black cards so this filled the bill quite nicely.   I used another Thomas Kinkade image for the purpose too – this one is called “Hour of Prayer”  and goes perfectly with the overall colour concept as it just enhances it with the muted colours in it.
The box was a torture to make and I doubt I’d want to make a number of them until I managed to get measurements more down pat – needless to say I did my usual and did guestimates which inevitably ended up in the bin – and once I got it done, stupidly didn’t take a note of what measurements I had used or how I actually made it, as it wasn’t as simple as one might think.   But a success for all that.   And I suspect with Christmas fast approaching (Yikes!) I wouldn’t be surprised if I have another go in the not too distant future – if I do I’ll try and put up some info for those of you who might be interested in having a go for yourselves.

Flowers and lace as always are from Wild Orchid Crafts and all the rest from my stash.   Thanks to Bev & Dena for showing how to create perfect bows – something I’ve long wanted to be able to do and marvelled at how others had – now I know :)).



  1. WOW! Look at all that incredible detail and that gorgeous scene! Amazing!

  2. Amazing. I love Kincaid images. Wonderful detail. I am sure your prayer partner felt blessed by your lovely creation.